It is human nature that most of us naturally want to find value for money. With any cosmetic procedure finding that balance where you are not being short changed nor paying over the odds is proving to be one of the troubling factors when trying to find a reputable hair transplant provider. 
Seeking help from hair loss professionals is a massive leap of faith but you can also end up feeling bombard with conflicting solutions. 
Today there are many clinics/providers both in the UK and Europe offering “unlimited grafts” and low cost hair transplant procedures. 
Low cost prices doesn’t necessarily mean a poor job, please consider that you: 
Always ensure that you have met your surgeon prior to your surgery. 
Check that they are registered with the General Medical Council and ask about their experience; (make sure that you are not unwillingly their first patient). 
Request to see that you have received what you have paid for. 
Ensure that the premises are registered with the Quality Care Commission. 
Unlimited grafts is usually a marketing ploy to entice patients into thinking they are going to achieve a full head of hair in one session: 
Be wary as the number of grafts is dependent completely on your donor area density. 
Bare in mind that over harvesting the donor area at the back and sides of your head can lead to thin even balding areas of your head. 
The actual safe time that your grafts are out of your head before placement takes place. 
Also on the flip side, State of the Art clinics: 
Some clinics may promise you the very latest techniques, equipment and prestige clinic locations at a cost. The Surgeons and assisting staff should be the most highly experienced clinicians within the hair transplant industry?. 
Again ask questions about the Surgeon and staff don’t assume that this is always the case. 
Pricing is usually quoted per graft: this is the unit that comes out of each FUE attempt/incision to the donor area. Grafts can contain 1-4 hairs. So ideally 1000 attempts/punches should equal 1000 grafts.  
The general consensus of pricing in the UK: 
FUT grafts vary between £2.00 - £5.00 
FUE grafts vary between £2.50 - £6.50 
Do your own research, meet the Surgeon, never sign on the day and go with where you feel comfortable. 
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