Hair is often referred to as being ones "Crowning Glory". 
The stress and worry once you begin to see the onset of hair-loss is sometimes life changing and often debilitating. 
We dont have a crystal ball that can determine when, whereabouts and for how long hair-loss will previal, we can only assume that it is determined mainly by genetics. 
A 2019 study in the International Journal of Trichology found that Androgenic Alopecia "lowered the quality of life for many men with particular effects in the areas of self esteem, perception and interpersonal relations". 
Many hair-loss suffers will have some variation of psychological effects: 
Low self esteem 
Lack of confidence 
Lack of interest in activities 
Work relationships 
Loss of energy 
Sleep deprivation 
Seeking help from Medical Proffessionals and attempting to resolve or maintain further loss can in return help to restore confidence. 
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