We are often asked what to expect on the actual day of Surgery. We have compiled a basic step by step guide outlining the stages of your FUE hair transplantation:  
Arrival at the clinic.  
Meet up with your Surgeon to reinitiate your treatment plan, ask any further questions and sign your consent document. 
The Surgeon will design and draw your proposed new hairline/areas to be treated. 
Preoperative photographs will be taken and filed away in your patient record. 
You will change into your theatre gown and be escorted into the operating room. 
The clinical team will be introduced and will record your basic observations ie. blood pressure, weight, pulse rate. 
Your donor area of the head (back and sides) will be prepared (shaved) and photographed. 
The Surgeon will map out a grid on the donor area to calculate the safe extraction areas to be used for graft extraction. 
You will be positioned laying face down on the massage couch. 
Local anaesthetic will be administered by the Surgeon to your donor areas. 
Extraction of the grafts will commence by the Surgeon, he will be assisted by the technician. 
A comfort break will be given once the extraction process has been completed. 
Upon return you will sit upright for the remainder of the procedure, you can watch TV at this point. 
Local anaesthetic will be administered by the Surgeon to your recipient areas. 
Your Surgeon will begin making the incisions. 
Once all the incisions are complete the Surgical Assistants/technicians will begin the implantation of the grafts. 
Half way through the implantation process you will break for lunch. 
Implantation will commence until completed. 
Post operative instructions will be provided. 
Obeservations checked and discharged. 
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