Cause of Hair Loss? 

The most common cause of hair loss is inheritance. This can come from either parent or both. However other factors such as vitamin deficiencies, severe illness or malnutrition may also be a contributing factor to hair loss. 

Do hair transplants work? 

Yes, healthy hair follicles that are not affected by genetics are simply transferred to another part of head. These follicles will pick up the scalps own natural blood supply and continue to grow retaining its own characteristics, colour, texture and growth rate. 

Are hair transplants painful? 

Some discomfort is experienced whilst the initial injections of local anaesthetics are being administered. This is described as a sharp stinging sensation. The anaesthetic is fast acting and once this is completed there should be no other pain. 

What will I look like afterwards? 

Immediately afterwards we will clean your scalp as best we can. The grafted areas will look slightly red. Within the next 48 hours you will develop tiny scabs/crusts protecting the grafts these will be present for approx 7 - 10 days.  
By day 14 - 21 you should be fully healed. 

How much will it cost? 

Within the UK prices for hair transplants vary quite considerably. Clinics quote prices per hair or per graft which can be quite confusing. It is our job at UK Hairline to be transparent from the offset. Only after a meeting with your hair transplant surgeon can an exact costing be provided. Without a in-depth examination by the Surgeon you are basing numbers on guess work, which can result in costly inaccurate pricing.  
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